a name
a ghost
to mutter 


A Name For A Ghost To Mutter is a play by Theatre East. When a family gathers to clean out their deceased great Aunt’s house, they discover much more than just family secrets. This gorgeous Southern play celebrates three generations of amazing women. It explores how we
inherit stories and, through that understanding, come to acknowledge, cherish, and perhaps even forgive, those who came before us. It’s Steel  Magnolias meets Chekhov’s Three Sisters.


The first idea comes from the scene of the three main characters: Lala from the bar; Lucretia in the house; Julie in the Last scene when she is calling Felix. The final version focuses on the scene of the bar where the story line begins. The second idea is Age. In the story, three of the main characters represent three kinds of aging. Lala is young but she acts mature; Julie is in her 40s but act like a child and Lucretia just lives in the moment. The wave interpreted as the river of time. In the final version, I use texture of the skin to form the river of time.


Olga Mezhibovskaya