national archives


An identity design for the National Archives Foundation, an independent nonprofit partner that increases public awareness of the National Archives, inspires a deeper appreciation of our country’s heritage, and encourages citizen engagement in our democracy.

The client is looking to develop a new visual identity to modernize the brand, and match the organization’s new energy and direction. The logo needs to reflect their desire to reach and engage contemporary audiences, and attract all segments of the public to exhibitions, programs, membership, and online initiatives.


I take a common symbol as a base idea and create a fresh new look. My logo emphasizes the idea of connection and path—which is the mission of National Archives Foundation—providing a path for the public to be engaged and have access to the Archives records. The stripes are the element from the American flag. They are connecting into a star to show the feeling of dynamics and motion.

Design Deliverables

Brand identity, branding


Ivan Chermayeff
Thomas Geismar
Sagi Haviv