kumi design system 


KUMI is a high quality multi-purpose all in one creative
pen and creative tool system. Easy for portable. It provides different combinations, and length is adjustable depending on the tool and its use. Our system is designed for designers, artists, and travelers. It will be sold both in-store and online.


The system is mostly in matte aluminum finishing with silver and white laminate. All the tools are constructed in a cubiod form for easy storage and are convient for customers on-the-go. The package is designed with 3 slots, allowing customizable options. 

Design Deliverables

Modular product deisgn, brand identity, package design, structural design, 3D modeling


Alisa Zamir

magnetic stick

The package is designed for a set of magnetic sticks which are cut at various angles. They point in different directions when attached to a metal surface. They are a great addiction to your home. The use of transparent material is to present different angles of the sticks with a vertical presentation. The middle metal piece holds the sticks both side which create the illusion that the sticks are going through the surface.


Barry Berger

honey container

The first idea is inspired by the beautiful natural form of beehive.

The next design is based on the body part of bee–– bee sting. It divides to two directions: one focus on the detail of bee sting structure, how it inject the chemical out. The other indcludes the tail part of bee. When we try to get the honey from the container, we must put pressure to the bee sting with our hands, thus feel the pain in this process. While human take honey and consume it effortlessly,  I want to remind people that honey actually comes from bees’ hard work.

The last idea is by transforming the two dimensional sound graph of bee buzzing into three dimensional form.


Eric O’Toole

liquid handsoap dispenser

This is an experimental project—a liquid hand soap dispenser inspired by mid-century style furniture.


Eric O’Toole