Escapade Chocolatier

Escapade Chocolatier brings you the experience of the exciting Medieval time adventure through a series of visual narratives of encounters with the mysterious Medieval monsters.

Escapade Chocolatier is a concept design for a high-end chocolatier store that sells both in-store and in mass retail. This is a multi-disciplinary project including graphic design, package design, illustration, and branding design. Escapade Chocolatier products including different sizes of chocolate bars, in-store drinking cups with take-out packaging, and cartons of chocolate milk. Each flavor is represented by an illustration of a medieval monster and a geometric shape that could be used as symbols for easy identification. The chocolate bar is engraved with the same symbol as the outer package.

For the initial launch, there are six chocolate bar flavors thus there are six Medival monsters that illustrated in the ocean, sky, and on land. The imagination of monsters was played an important role throughout the history of Western civilization. They are considered to bring joy and even laughter to the somber world during Medieval times. Escapade Chocolatier aims to act as the media to brings joy and laughter to our customers by incorporating the images of Medieval monsters throughout our branding. 

All the illustrations are drawn in the vintage inking style, coloring and shading with low-fi comic style in Procreate. By using a subtle color palette, it creates a contrast to the dramatic atmosphere in the illustration. The brand logo mark is also used as a pattern to decorate different items in the brand, which enhances the unity and forms a solid coherence of the whole branding style.