the gendermore package

The current gender-neutral packaging relies on the absence of distinct characteristics. This project proposes that rather than stripping away gender qualities to create a gender-less package, a more vibrant solution could be developed by amplifying genderness. The use of maximalism for both the graphic and structural design elements will add all more gender qualities, thereby creating a gender-ambiguous package.

for all genders

Liquid Eyeliner

& Lip Gloss

Both the primary packages of eyeliner and lipgloss are designed in feminine forms, which are inspired by drapery and curvy form. They are in gold and gun metal which are portraying a masculine feeling. For the secondary package, pattern made of straight lines, geometric shapes, and photos of metal are used to decorate for male preferred design.

Foundation Stick

Foundation stick is packaged in an upright cuboid form with rectangular texture. It is in purple which is the least preferred color for male. The secondary packages are in pastel gradient with feminine typefaces and organic pattern, photo collage of flowers are also used.

skin care
for all genders


The primary package of the moisturizer is designed based on male preference, which is cubic shape according to my research. The whole package is covered with texture of straight lines. A female preferred color, pink, is chosen to create a gender ambiguous perception.

The secondary packages are designed depended on female preference.  Condensed, hand script, and gothic typefaces are used since they are usually associated with femininity. Cones, spheres and organic shapes are used as pattern. Iridescent effect background and pastel color toned are also add as decorated elements.

Face Wash

As for face wash, the primary package is designed based on female preference—an organic form with sphere cutouts. It is in blue to create a multi-genders feeling. The secondary packages are designed bases on male presences. Typewriter fonts, typefaces with hard edge and rigid forms are used. Rectangular and cube pattern, glitch effect background are used as male preferred decorated elements.