cat cafe


This is a branding project of a cat cafe which is about companion animals. Cat cafe is a fairly new concept in western countries The first cat cafe was opened in Taiwan. And the concept is widespread in Japan. Cats that live in the cafe are up for adoption. Cat cafe provides the people who cannot have their own pets the opportunity to interact with animals while enjoying their coffee. Many less fortunate lost or abandoned animals end up in pitiful shelters that are nothing more than shacks without walls or other protection from the elements. Cat cafe provides a loving home to the abandoned cats and also spreads the important message: adopt rather than buy.


The name Nikukyu, meaning pet paws in japanese. Through the loving images of my cat as a star of my cafe, I want to show people that a pet from a shelter is as wonderful as in a shop.
My cafe is also inspired by Japanese minimalistic style.

Design Deliverables

Branding, brand identity, package design, poster design, editorial design, photography, illustration.


Olga Mezhibovskaya
Nada Ray